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O MY SAINT ROSALIE / O Santa Rusulia


O My Saint Rosalie
Ecumenical hymn of invocation and welcome
Text, music, polyphony and arrangement by
P. Carbone, M. Saladino, G. Longo

English translation by Gaetano Cipolla
O my Saint Rosalie
a saint among great saints
Think of the soul, the body 
Give me serenity,
Peace and tranquility.

She spared us from the plague
And from all other ills,
From sins and from poor living
Society’s diseases.

Refrain 1:
O my Saint Rosalie
We kneel before your feet.
From every part of Sicily
The whole world is before you,
The whole world is before you.
We hail from the Quisquina
From Delia and Racalmutu
Some tired, some devoted
We all came here before you
She gives us consolation.

Alia with Montelepre
Capaci and Bisacquino
Mazara and Camarina
Belice and everywhere.
Centuripe and Bivona
With faith and admiration
From Pegli and from Seville
They run all here before you,
Whoever comes, remains.

Climbing on foot the steps
up Pellegrino Mountain, 
The great Feast every year
Will take place in Palermo.

Refrain 2:
O my Saint Rosalie,
O Pellegrino Mountain,
From every part of Sicily
The world will gather here.
Ancient and modern woes
Afflict the population
We hope for every mind
The light will rend the darkness
The light will rend the darkness.
The world that without faith
Is courting ruination.
We hope that our great Saint
Will be a great example,
a model she will be.
Preserve the sky for us
Preserve the sea for us
Preserve the climate too.
The earth invokes your aid
It can no longer wait.

To recite:
Vicari, Caccamo, Gravina
Santa Margherita del Belìce
Rina di Savoca
Castronovo di Sicilia
Campofelice di Roccella
Contessa Entellina
Novara di Sicilia
Lentiscosa di Camerota
San Mango del Cilento
Napoli  - Scìcli  -  Troìna
Cefalù  - Cammarata
Agrigento  -  Canicattì
Sondrio, Turbigo, Praga
Torredembarra, Brooklyn
São Paulo do Brasil

Paróquia Santa Rosália
Santa Rosalia Church…
The Santuzza, from her hermitage to the world.

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